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  • Barbara Ravage is without question one of the most professional freelance writers I've had the pleasure of working with. She writes engaging stories about healthcare providers, intertwining the medical details with the person's life story. Her copy is always clean, accurate, and on time, if not early. She is truly an editor's dream.—Erin C. Healy, Editor, PrimeTime Cape Cod
  • Barbara is a very talented writer with a great ability to tell a complex story in a simple way. She's organized and thoughtful. She asks the right questions (of both me and her sources) and takes the time to really understand the assignment. She's totally reliable and dedicated to her work as well as ours, and has never left me in a lurch! Barbara's resourceful, very knowledgeable about our topics and issues. When I give her an assignment, I know that she'll take ownership of the story and create something great.—Kim Ross, Editor and Publications Manager, National Association of Public Hospitals and Health System
  • Barbara Ravage is perhaps the most professional editor with whom I have worked. When I hire Barbara for a job, I am guaranteed that I will have her exacting, dogged, expert, patient eye improve my product immeasurably. I know a lot of editors (including myself) and I don't know anyone who is better at her craft than Barbara.—Therese Mageau, Educationworks Consulting Group
  • I've worked with many an author over the years, and Barbara is at the top of the list. She's knowledgeable, highly professional, a terrific writer, and great fun to work with and know.—Joseph Gonzalez, Gonzalez Defino Editorial and Design Service
  • Barbara and I were part of a team of consultants hired to strategize on a startup. Over the course of multiple meetings, I found her to be collaborative, creative, and insightful, and she had a tremendous impact on the direction we ultimately took. She was outstanding in brainstorming both the big picture and the detail components we were facing. I can't recommend her highly enough.—Bill Forward, Independent Consultant

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