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Susan Beecher: Wood-Fired Pottery

Susan Beecher, a nationally recognized potter and teacher, shares her wisdom about making and woodfiring her unique functional ware. In the first section, "My Journey to Woodfire," written with Barbara Ravage, Susan tells the story of how a childhood fascination with clay eventually became her life’s work.

It traces her life from a Midwest childhood, through the civil rights movement of the 1960s and her self-education as a potter, to her commitment to the craft and art of woodfired pottery. Lavishly illustrated with more than 200 color photographs of her work and step-by-step how-to make some of her distinctive pottery forms, the book also details the construction of her own woodfire kiln and includes glaze and slip recipes.

"A warmly personal and wonderfully practical book. …Susan Beecher recounts her tale of transformation…she shares her love of the material, her passion for making pots and her commitment to making objects of use to delight the daily loves of others." —Malcolm Davis

"An engaging portrait of a modern American potter. Through beautiful photographs and pleasurable text, it describes the romance and reality of woodfiring functional pottery in upstate New York. Part autobiography, part technical how-to, it is perfect for anyone curious about making pottery and building and firing a woodfired kiln."—Linda Christianson

"Beecher's is a passionate testament about discovering a means of expression...with sincerity, good humor and generosity of spirit."—Ceramic Art & Perception




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