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Life on the Line: Whatever Poison You Pick, It's Up to the Experts at NYC's Poison Control Center to Make Sure It Doesn't Kill You

New York City’s Poison Control Center, established in 1955, is one of the oldest programs of its kind in the country. It’s a unique partnership between the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Bellevue Hospital Center, and NYU Langone Medical Center. Fielding some 70,000 calls annually, the center provides assistance and advice 24/7 to anyone who dials 212-POISONS. … (read more)


Wound, Heal Thyself: A New Division of Surgery Tackles One of the Most Daunting Challenges in Medicine

The sore under the patient’s big toe didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t getting better. The 64-year-old woman had been living with type 2 diabetes for many years. She did a good job of keeping her blood sugar under control, but because her nerves had been damaged by diabetic neuropathy, she often didn’t notice blisters or sores on the soles of her feet. This one was smaller than a dime and not inflamed, so the woman’s doctor reassured her that in time it would heal. By the time she found Harold Brem, M.D., chief of NYU Langone’s new Division of Wound Healing and Regenerative Medicine, an antibiotic-resistant infection had eaten its way down to the bone.  Amputation of her toe was a real possibility … (read more)


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