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Promoting Quality and Transparency

Nation's Hospital Report Card Spurs High Performance

Huberta Mayfield-Howe was right on the money when she recommended that Cooper Green Mercy Hospital become an early adopter of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, the first national standard for the collection and public reporting of data on patient satisfaction. … (read more) 

National Efforts Focus on Patient Safety: Plethora of Initiatives Represent a Work In-Progress

If the 1999 Institute of Medicine report To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System sounded the alarm, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaido Services (CMS) have issued a final wake-up call to any hospitalooo administration that is still napping. … (read more 


A Public Trust: Two Centuries of Care
in America's Public Hospitals

“As Real as it Gets”: The Evolution of Trauma Care and Emergency Medicine

Born on the battlefield, trauma care came of age during the turbulent 1960s, when the lessons learned in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts were brought back to the United States to treat trauma on the home front. To be sure, there were hospital emergency rooms long before that time, but they would hardly be recognizable compared to today’s high-tech emergency departments and Level I trauma centers.  … (read more)


Palliative Care: Specialized Care
for Serious Illness

Teaching the Next Generation

When Jean Kutner talks about palliative care, the first thing she says is that the demand for trained providers has far outstripped the supply. “I hear several times a month from either palliative care or hospice programs that are looking for appropriately trained physicians and nurses that there simply are not enough trained specialists to fill the need.” … (read more)


Community Medicine: Expert Care
Close to Home

Collaborative Response to Social Issues

Public hospitals are committed to the communities they serve and offer a range of creative outreach services. But oftentimes, they can’t go at it alone. They rely on community groups to help build bridges to area residents in order to identify concerns and reach out to those in need, and to offer support services beyond what the hospital can  provide alone.
(read more) 

Hurley Medical Makes Community Violence Their Business

Wanda has three foster children and a very angry boyfriend. Her bruises attest to past arguments, but this isn’t the first time she’s found herself in an abusive relationship. Even so, this one was different. Upset about being laid off, he had been flying into rages at the least provocation, or with no provocation at all. The children were terrified, and Wanda had to admit, so was she. She was trying to provide a safe and stable home for the kids. They deserved as much, and keeping them with her depended on that. The night he threw the remote control at the television in a fit of rage, Wanda decided enough was enough. She finally called the police. … (read more)

Forging Partnerships to Help Teens in Need

Janelle was 17, homeless, and pregnant for the second time in a year. She and her baby drifted from place to place, sleeping on a friend’s couch one night, in a shelter the next. She had dropped out of school during her first pregnancy and lost contact with her family. Neither of the fathers was part of her life. Janelle is exactly the sort of person Josephine Fowler has dedicated her professional life to helping. … (read more)

Helping Teens Make Healthy Choices

When Kristin Rager gets on her soapbox, here’s what she says: “Adolescents are faced with decisions that can impact their health both immediately and long-term. The top three causes of death for teens are accidental trauma, homicide, and suicide. The ridiculous thing is that each of these is 100 percent preventable.” … (read more)

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