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Destination Mars
Mars. The Red Planet. If interplanetary travel is your cup of tea, Mars is probably your best bet. Venus is closer, but its blistering surface temperature and crushing atmospheric pressure make it a poor prospect for tourism.

A Distant Desert

Though it is generally colder than most places on Earth, Mars offers a desert experience, punctuated by majestic mountains, many of them of volcanic origin, and dramatic valleys that make the Grand Canyon look like a humble ditch. … (read more)

Wheels: Mars Pathfinder Rover

Talk about a cool set of wheels: This baby had six of them, each powered by its own independent motor. But it wasn't built for speed; it was built to handle terrain that has given new meaning to the word "rough." Meet Sojourner, Pathfinder's solar-powered go cart.

The rover was named Sojourner by 12-year-old Valerie Ambroise, from Bridgeport, Connecticut, who won a worldwide contest to dub the little buggy. The word sojourner means "traveler," but Valerie was also thinking of Sojourner Truth, a former slave, abolitionist, and champion of women's rights. … (read more)

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